What is Erasmus +?

ERASMUS+ is a lifelong learning program supported by the European Commission which covers different initiatives in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. Some of the Erasmus+ objectives would be to develop the level of basic skills and competences, enhance cooperative work, promote intercultural dialogue, solidarity and social inclusion, increase opportunities for mobility as well as improve working quality.

Programa Europeu
European Comission

To whom is Erasmus+ addressed?

The addressees of this program are our students and teachers of intermediate and higher level vocational training courses (FP Bàsica and Cicles Formatius de Grau Mitjà i Superior) meaning any person who is actively taking part in the vocational studies offered by La Salle Manlleu together with Foundation CEFORTEM, at either initial or advanced levels.

What is a mobility ERASMUS+ grant?

It is a grant that enables students to spend their internship period (Formació en Centres de Treball – FCT) in enterprises or training centres from other European countries.

What are the advantages of an ERASMUS+ grant?

  • Gain or improve knowledge of the host country’s language and culture.
  • Learn about the production and organization system of your sector in a foreign country.
  • Access quality training that will boost your possibilities when applying for a job.
  • Obtain an official qualification (Europass) by means of the validation and certification of skills which have been acquired during the internship period.

What does an ERASMUS+ grant include?

The participant has to complete a training period of 42, 90 or 100 days in an enterprise related to his/her professional field within the allocated country.

The grant includes a varying amount of money (subject to the allocated host county) in order to cover the following expenses:

  • Online linguistic support (OLS)
  • Tickets (train/plane)
  • Insurance policy (24h-assistance plan)
  • Pick-up service upon arrival at airport
  • Transfer to accommodation
  • Accommodation
  • Maintenance/support costs
  • Local transport costs
  • Enterprise to carry out the internship
  • Monitoring and mentoring by a tutor in the host country
  • 24h-telephone service (for emergencies)

How can I apply for an ERASMUS+ grant?

The completed application form must be submitted to the reception desk of Cicles Formatius La Salle Manlleu before 12 February , 2019.

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Which requirements must be met to apply for an ERASMUS+ grant?

  • Academic record (20 points).
  • Psyco-pedagogical report (10 points).
  • Cover letter (10 points).
  • Suitability valuation (20 points).
  • Host enterprise (10 points).
  • Language skills (30 points).

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